10 April 2007

Completed Episodes

This is a list of my Asian Dramas Collection. If you find a serie interesting, you can get it from me for free (but you still have to pay for the DVDs) and limited to my home area only (those who in France got no chance, of course) unless you want to pick it yourself, that's OK for me. Just leave your comment here.

- for ongoing episodes (does not finished yet), you can refer the widget to the right.


Bicheonmu [33episodes] DDL | Torrent
Da Ren Wu [31episodes] DDL | Torrent
Fated To Love You [24episodes] DDL | Torrent
Smiling Pasta [17episodes] DDL | Torrent

14 Sai no Haha [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Ace wo Nerae [9episodes+special] DDL | Torrent
Attack No.1 [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Attention Please [11episodes+2specials] DDL | Torrent
Bambino [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
BOSS [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Celeb to Binbo Taro [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
CHANGE [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Code Blue [11episodes+special] DDL | Torrent
Dragon Zakura [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Edison no Haha [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
First Kiss [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Galileo [10 episodes] DDL | Torrent
Gokusen 1,2&3 [12+10+11episodes+2specials] DDL | Torrent
GTO [12episodes] DDL | Torrent
H2 [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Hotelier [9episodes] DDL | Torrent
Hana Yori Dango 1&2 [9+11episodes+special] DDL | Torrent
Hanayome wa Yakudoshi! [12episodes] DDL | Torrent
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [12episodes+special] DDL | Torrent
Hotaru no Hikari [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Iryu Team Medical Dragon 1&2 [11+11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Juken no Kamisama [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Koizora [6episodes] DDL | Torrent
Liar Game [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
LIFE [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Maou [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Mr Brain [8episodes] DDL | Torrent
Mukodono 2003 [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Nobuta wo Produce [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Nodame Cantabile [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Orthros no Inu [9episodes] DDL | Torrent
Pride [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Psychometrer Eiji [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Puzzle [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Queen's Classroom [11episodes +2specials] DDL | Torrent
Sapuri [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Satorare [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Seigi no Mikata [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Shibatora [11episodes] DDL | Torrent
Tantei Gakuen Q [11episodes+special] DDL | Torrent
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi [9episodes] DDL | Torrent
Tiger & Dragon [11episodes+special] DDL | Torrent
Trick 1&2 [10episodes] DDL | Torrent
Zeni Geba [9episodes] DDL | Torrent
Zettai Kareshi [11episodes] DDL | Torrent

Autumn in My Heart [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic [12episodes] DDL | Torrent
Boys Over Flower [25episodes] DDL | Torrent
Cain and Abel [20episodes] DDL | Torrent
City Hall [20episodes] DDL | Torrent
Coffee Prince [17episodes] DDL | Torrent
Fantasy Couple [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Goong [24episodes] DDL | Torrent
Hello! Miss [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Hong Gil Dong [24episodes] DDL | Torrent
Mazzang [8episodes] DDL | Torrent
My Lovely Sam Soon [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
New Heart [23episodes] DDL | Torrent
On Air [21episodes] DDL | Torrent
Only You [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Shining Inheritance [28episodes] DDL | Torrent
Sorry I Love You [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Spotlight [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Stairway to Heaven [20episodes] DDL | Torrent
Super Rookie [20episodes] DDL | Torrent
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee [18episode] DDL | Torrent
Sweet 18 [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
The Four Gods [24episodes] DDL | Torrent
The Vineyard Man [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Which Star Are You From [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
When It's At Night [17episodes] DDL | Torrent
Witch Yoo Hee [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
Wonderful Life [16episodes] DDL | Torrent
You're Beautiful [16episodes] DDL | Torrent


Who Are You

Oh and I'll TRY to make a post for each completed serie so that you can get more information so wait for the updates.

And it will be great if you can recommend some series to download, whether it's a good one to watch or you are just too lazy to download it yourself. LOL I'll try to fulfill it.

If you have the completed serie in POSSIBLE FUTURE DOWNLOAD, I would appreciate if you share it with me. Ok?

Happy watching.
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20 penghinaan diterima:

Anonymous said...

i find ur blog url while browsing d-addicts just now...but im suprise to see that you already have this much of drama downloaded :)
well, i just can say we have the same hobby now....LOL....

Anonymous said...

Saya nak subtitle juken no kamisama. Boleh bagi tak? Tolong upload dekat mediafire.com

Anonymous said...

wah..banyak nye drama..
tp camne nak download ni??
x nampak pon link nye..

budak baru belajar said...

mcmne nak donlod ek??xdpt pong

Anonymous said...

tumpang tya..
nk donlod all the dramas neh came erk..??


Anonymous said...

i LOL so hard reading these comments.completed episodes are not donwload link but just for blogger's nearby friends if they are interested to watch it.

completed episode bukan link utk download tp hanya maklumat kpd jiran2 dinmat kalau dorg nak tengok/ pinjam hard disk die.

Anonymous said...

boleh tak uploadkan sekali lagi drama nur kasih yg dari episode awal.saya byk tertinggal..
harapnya boleh.terima kasih. =)

Anonymous said...

mcm mana nak download..please gtau

Anonymous said...

cam ner nk dload bro...
ajar skit..

chanz on September 10, 2009 at 1:33 PM said...

JDrama recommendation - Kurosagi & Last Friends. boleh la layan. Kurosagi cam LIAR GAME. tipu2 org. Last Friends isu serius sket. domestic violence. BTW, aku tengah donlod Bara no Nai Hanaya. Dengar cambest. lambat gile torrent. xC

Anonymous said...

cm ne nak download ni?

Anonymous said...

xda link tuk dloads...:(
List ne utk orderka? Ada service pghantaran ke seluruh smenanjung msia ka?

Anonymous said...

Anda sebenarnye boleh happily menonton dramas ni di http://aznv.tv/

muhammad syukri abu bakar on December 4, 2009 at 3:10 AM said...

banyak site utk men"download" kdrama,jdrama dan tdrama:

Anonymous said...

site gentolady.blogspot ada cerita movie and korea utk download..tapi blog nie baru lagi..so koleksi tak lah banyak manapun..but can try..

Anonymous said...

ala..tolongla share kan link download nye..janganla kedekut. bukan jiran pun nak tengok gak.

Anonymous said...

drama iris

Anonymous said...

+ god of study..
paradise..x igt la tajuk dier.. changmin tvxq berlakon
chuno.. xtgk lg tp rating bagus

Iffah said...

salam. hi hafiz. i noticed yr name when i watched kareiNaruSpy..budak mane ni??..i wonder.. :) quite surprise that u're medschool student..yet have time for all this thing..i mean subbing..auditing..blogging..studying..etc. well done....oh ya btw..i enjoyed watching Jdrama..i've watched 80% of the Jdrama listed here..for me..one of the best is Pride.. for the old series (not listed here)..GTO and beach Boys .. :) Kdrama??..emm..too much episodes!! kebas kaki nk tgk lama2..hohoh..
well good luck hafiz in whateva u do..

-zatuliffah, putrajaya-

Anonymous said...

hye... kang kawan, boleh tolong bagitau kat mana saya boleh download drama melayu ye? terutama sekali drama ezora..



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