01 May 2008

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee & New Heart

Firstly, this is not a review nor a preview about drama series. I'm just writing something to share. I've put the links so if you want to know more about a serie, feel free to click them.

Currently I'm waiting for 2 Korean Medical series - Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and New Heart. These drama is not like Iryu Team Medical Dragon or House MD, so dont expect them to tell you so much medical facts. For those who ever watched Grey's Anatomy, these are the Asian (Korean) version but with different storyline and without the sexual-intercourse-part lol.

Actually, it tells the meaning of the terms they used but it is in Korean and it depends on the fansubber to translate them. So I watched these series with Answers.com opened with my Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 5 lol.


Info: DramaWiki | Soompi*
Episodes: 18
Genre: Medical
Broadcasted: 17 January 2007 to 15 March 2007
More: Pix | OST - Download | OST - Buy
Download: Torrent

Currently(at the time this entry written), I finished 5 episodes. The fansubber for this serie is Written In The Heaven Subbing Squad (WITHS2), but for this serie their work is a little bit messy (lol borrowing my sb sentence). Well maybe this is their first time subbing medical drama (I think) or this is their side-project. But overall I still enjoyed this serie.

Synopsis: This story is about Bong Dal Hee, a first year intern who had heart disease, strive through intern's life in order to become a surgeon - paediatrics thoracic surgeon - to be specific. Well, just read the Wiki lol.

Up to episode 5, she had a really rough time, her first patient dead and she also take the blame for another intern's mistake, haha. The most enjoying is when she ask the patient questions - really looks like a beginner. "Are you having a pain when climbing the stairs?", "One more question, do you feel like a brick on your chest?", "Can I ask one more question?" blablabla lol.

Up till now, the serie still feels great - maybe because I dont like facts-based-drama like House MD and this serie still have Korean-love-story touch. But it is categorised as the best compared to another medical series so, I'll just watch and give my rating later.

This drama maybe didnt well-known because how hard I tried, there is no OST to download (I mean complete batch) and there's too little wallpaper-like-pix. But somehow I managed to find a little at Soompi and KoreanMovie and the complete batch at AsianLoad. yak sok by Kim Ki Won really great.


Info: DramaWiki | Soompi*
Episodes: 23
Genre: Medical, Romance
Broadcasted: 17 January 2007 to 15 March 2007
More: OST - Stream | OST - Download | OST - Buy | Pix
Download: Torrent

This one subbed by Band of Nuts Funsubs (BON) and currently, I'm waiting for the hardsub version episode 14. Actually BON's Clubbox have it till episode 16 but my download using clubbox often interrupted so just wait for the torrent version lol.

This is one of BON's medical drama projects, apart from Iryu Team Medical Dragon so you can expect their works is great, with the terms-explaining-text, although sometimes they missed. This drama potrayed most of the management challenge. You know what I meant - corruption, political influence, fraud blablabla. And maybe - discrimination.

It also touch about how a doctor should improve their skills, honesty in researches and episode 13 give us a question - why did I become a doctor? Dr Choi Kang Gook, professor of Thoracic Department really depressed when he lost his wife and been sued, all because he was working to save lives, and finally he said this. You got to watch if you want to know what I meant lol.

About the characters, Lee Eun Sung is just too nice I think. Been bullied, but his presence gives life to the staffs. Then, sometimes I feel Nam Hae Suk really cute although some users from Forums described her as zombie. Haha. She is a nerd and really didnt have manners. Watch this serie and judge her behaviour, which is the opposite of Lee Eun Sung, whether it is good or not to be like that.

The OST's are great, but I didnt found the translation (although some episodes have the song's translation but it is not complete) and I love OST no 5. Haha wondering what it is? The OST link is up there.

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7 penghinaan diterima:

c's on May 4, 2008 at 5:02 PM said...

salam.. citer nih filtrated x?? heh.. susah mahu cari cerita bagus n filtrated..

HafizAdam on May 4, 2008 at 7:01 PM said...

wut do u mean by filtrated?

according to Answers.com
tr. & intr.v., -trat·ed, -trat·ing, -trates.

To put or go through a filter.

Material, especially liquid, that has passed through a filter.

do u mean: are these series have sexual explicit contents?

i think NO unless you labelled kissing as one of them..lol

victoire on May 6, 2008 at 12:27 AM said...

heh.. macam preview gok guane2 pun.. wakakaka

HafizAdam on May 7, 2008 at 8:07 PM said...

c's radin:
btw, cite nih x tau nk kate bagus ke x, tp kalau radin ade pngalaman tgk Grey's Anatomy atau cite korea, macam tuh r gaya ceritanya..

ye ke? ak rase blum cukup lgkap utk jd review atau preview..

c's on May 8, 2008 at 1:50 PM said...

huh..yerp, i mean dat particular thing.. isk, tuh ler pasal.. susah mau cari cerita berkualiti dalam menjaga segi2 tuh.. i watch cartoon n anime rather than all these.. lagi bes~

btw, Grey's Anatomy ?? pnh tgk preview, tapi cam x mengenankan jer, maka tiada minat nk tgk.. heh.. tq2 for answering.. klu ad programme stuff yng best2 n sng nk guna,promote la yer.. tq

HafizAdam on May 9, 2008 at 2:01 AM said...

c's radin:
Grey's Anatomy adalah cite ttg kehidupan intern, macam Cinta Medik tuh. Tapi CM melampau sangat, smpai takde lgsung nilai medik. GA plak too much sexual content, intro je dh aksi seks. Barat, biase laa.

New Heart ngan Surgeon Bong Dal Hee lebih menekankan nilai-nilai moral rather than giving medical information, because their target are non-medical-not-nerd-people. Or I can say, basically all Asian medical stories use this theme.

Tapi perempuan mesti suke cite lovey-lovey nih kan? Hak3

Try give them a shot.

HafizAdam on June 4, 2008 at 9:54 AM said...

argh cite Bong Dal hee nih makin lame makin best. teruja2. episod 13 dalam proses. dape nak boleh dapatkan DVD nanti. saya tolong burn dgn harga berpatutan. jangan bimbang, DVD set spesel punye. huhu



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