11 April 2009

Lacking of Perasaan

I am currently lacking of perasaan.

Maybe better to write 'hipokrit'. This is NOT 'Hipokrit di Alam Maya' like some of the Users there; advised teens NOT to get involved with boy-girl relationship but in reality, they're currently dating.

My case is really 'Hipokrit di Alam Realiti'.


Muslims are currently banning all products that make fun of Islamic-related-things. Like this site: Ahmed and Saleem.

Me? I followed up the episodes and watched it as soon as it is released. The latest episode (Videos and Its influence to Children) is the best I think; NO racism, NO Islamophobiaism (whatever you call it), and it give some message to all mankind, although it is still rated 18SG for the Action-Packed-Blood-Filled scenes.

As long as it doesnt insult Prophet SAW directly, I'll feel NOTHING. I'll accept it as a joke. Yes, a joke about the Muslims nowadays. The same if Senario make jokes using selawat, we'll just laugh and feel nothing.

We cannot stop the insulting, but we can counter it. But none made the same videos. Dont ask "Why and what are they doing exactly?", but ask "What am I doing currently?".

If you cant answer that, just enjoy the videos then.


There're some girls find me TOO annoying to them.

But I just cant stop joking and teasing. Maybe I'm returning to my old feelingless-state; Consciously hurting their feeling. Enjoying every little bit of their sorrow and dreadfulness.

People are happy just to see others suffer, it's a fact. Hehe.

Dont cry baby girl. Just ignore the annoying jokes, will you? I'll treat some ice-creams if you want.


The final exam is near. Latest is Histology Practical on 18 April (most probably). Everyone's currently studdying by buddy and groupy.

Me? I'm still with my lovely adorable desktop Ragnarok.

Drama again? NO, I've stopped all Drama-Watching except for some episodes that meet its end (BoF).

So what am I doing with the computer? Nothing. Just watching the screen satisfy my lust. Haha.

I need to get rid of this habit. Fighting!


Not related just to me, but all people; Amar maaruf, but NEVER nahyu mungkar.

"Dont go to Disco!", "Say NO to couple!", "Avoid free sex!", "Wear hijab!". Advices like that is easy for them to said.

Once their friend ARE doing all that, silence conquered them. Worst, there're some people asking, "How did it feels to have sex?", "How's the date progress?", "What did you do with him?", or "Where did you buy this dye?".

Lacking of Perasaan to help people in trouble. It is a trouble when they fell into Gaung Maksiat, no?

As if Atiqah is walking a narrow street with her friend and said, "Walk carefully, the longkang here is deep. You'll hurt yourself if you fall into it".

And when her friend fell, she's just laughing and ask, "How did it feel? Best?"

Me? "Use Musyrif when you go out at night!".

But when I saw some women without Musyrif walking at night, I just ignored them and walked away. Lacking of Perasaan to ask "Where's your Musyrif?", or at least "Want to go where?". A question as simple as that.

Maybe not just me, but every guys.


Korean: Saranghae han****.
Original Translation: Happy words "I love you"
My Translation: I love hang (you), ****.

I found this lyric amusing. Detected it on the first time I heard this song. Haha. If you're TOO curious who's ****, it is the last line of the song - means you need to buffer till the end. She's a well known PERUBATAN's figure, hehe.

NO gossiping, please.

Didnt meant anything by that. Just enjoying the song. As the CASE TWO said; Just ignore the joke and claim ice-cream from me later.


__^*SNSD - Kissing You*^__

8 penghinaan diterima:

c's on April 11, 2009 at 7:22 AM said...

yep, smelah.. mkn hilang sensitiviti.. suka tengok kerosakan.. apa yang penting kita tak jadi pelakon-pelakon sketsa rosak itu.. *evil side appears..*

adeh.. mga diri ini dapat bertaubat.. haish~

AsNiza on April 13, 2009 at 5:25 AM said...

lack of sense of humor? kurang kasih sayang la kot, haha~

Jackster® on April 14, 2009 at 5:21 AM said...

ko bakar je komp ko, mesti pasni da x ngadap komp da =D

Jolynn on April 14, 2009 at 6:17 AM said...

Semakin lama, kita manusia semakin neutral terhadap kerosakan-kerosakan akhlak. Saya sendiri pun taktau macam mana nak nasihat kawan-kawan saya sebab takut hati mereka terguris jadi saya pun membiarkan saja.

Hiprokit betul saya ni. Saya tau ia salah tapi saya tak betulkan. Huhu...

Lemahnya saya ni...

Kyouya Ootori on April 28, 2009 at 12:00 PM said...


i like the last case

HafizAdam on May 8, 2009 at 10:49 PM said...

Radin Rahmah:
hehe cumanya saya tak suka mereka yang hipokrit seperti itu..

aah, kurang kasih sayang. adakah saya wajib kawen?

boleh je, ko jadi r Admin PO balik. hehe

Adawiyah Juzailah:
Mengetahui kelemahan diri, adalah langkah pertama ke arah perubahan.
teruskan usaha.
secebis semangat utk saya dan anda.

which one?
haha mende tuh memang high demand. sume org suke.

Anas Ghazali on June 18, 2009 at 4:50 AM said...

bukan ko mmg gini ke denmat..
wakaka(gelak versi denmat)

Anonymous said...

best post nih,

ak pn try camner nk tgur berhikmah,
ak pn ader nk tgur kau,
dan ade jgak org lain tgur ak,

tp masih berfikir cara y terbaik,
coz klu xkena cara,
xmenjadi r teguran tuh

nasrullah abdulkadir



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