04 September 2008

[Guide] Easy Real Media Producer

This post is a continuation of my post before - Easy Real Media Producer installer.

I got some problems when using this software but there are almost no solution when I googled it in the internet. But because I'm a genius-but-humble man, I've settled most of the problems and decided to share with everyone. (Readers: @#$%^*%#!!)

So here it goes;


For some users, they will encounter some problems when encoding a video. Below is a list I made based on my experience. If you encounter these, you have problem using this software.:

It finished in just 2 seconds and produced a file sized only 4kB. Really small eh?

The encoding starts and you can hear the sound of the video.

You got a message: Encoding Failed

There may be more but I listed above based on my experience. Feel free to add if you encounter different problems.


The key to overcome these problems is having enough and the right codecs installed in your computer. So I recommend you to use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and install Quicktime although you didnt use it. LOL.

Some users have Storms Codec. I never use it so I didnt know how complete the codec it have. Sorry. But if you still having problems and decided to use K-Lite, dont hesitate to uninstall the Storm.

Before you install K-Lite, be sure to read instruction below, you need to make some adjustments during installation so read them carefully.

1- Choose Profile 1: Default

2- Change value of Xvid and Divx. DONT use ffdshow.

3- Check if you have ffdshow handle the MP3. Uncheck it.

DONE. Proceed to Next and finish it.

If you've already installed ERMP, you'll have this warning at the beginning. Ignore it and choose NO.

That's it. You're ready to encode videos now. And make sure that your video is AVI, or you'll fail forever. LOL. For optimum-smalling-process without much quality loss, be sure to use the setting I provided in the installer.

Give me feedback so that I can improve this Guide. Thanx.


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