20 April 2008

Easy Real Converter v1.5 dan Easy Real Media Producer v1.94

This time, I'll introduce you 2 softwares, special for movie collectors out there. The best way to keep your files is to compress them without losing too much quality. RMVB is your answer.


unOfficial Website: File Award
Size: 8.68MB
Download: RapidShare
Guide: Proper Setting

This is my favourite converter although sometimes it gives me problem. It is a freeware - so you can download it (and the updates) from other sites, but I've put setting template so that you can use it according to your file. The quality is really great. I can say, it only reduces about 5% from the original quality. Plus - you can hardsub your file if the original come with srt file. This installer came with Easy Real Media Editor - nothing useful so just use the Producer one.


unOfficial Website: Best Share Ware
Size: 4.07MB
Download: RapidShare

I used this one when the Producer jammed lol. But there is not much setting and the quality really bad - reduces 25% from the original - or did I put the wrong setting?? I dont know the best setting for this, and cannot do the hardsub part too T_T. But it's worth to use it. At least I got a really small files.

Additional note: Both use a great amount of CPU process - 95%. So dont use it and play Warcraft at the same time. Your comp may exlode lol. Once again, DONT PUT THE DOWNLOAD LINK IN ANOTHER WEBSITE. LINK THEM TO THIS BLOG INSTEAD. I really appreciate your co-op. Esprit de corps.

4 penghinaan diterima:

Anonymous said...

winavi converter ok gak lagi kecik, tapi kena pandai setting. 700mb leh jadi 120mb

HafizAdam on August 27, 2008 at 12:02 AM said...

thanx blogmenjerit. i'll try them.
i used these softwares since all the dramas i got were encoded to be smaller but all of them were too suckz.

they're all in wmv mode and had the dimension resized to 500x500! wtf?!

btw, for ERMP, i've encountered most of the problems and i've solved almost all of them so if you had problems with the encoding, dont hesitate to inform me. i'll try to help.

Anonymous said...

em hye..nak tanyer.. kenape bile nak convert drama series mesti x jadi..dia kate complete tp file jadi 0kb ...but bile nak convert movie jadi pulak..what is the right encode setting?

HafizAdam on December 5, 2008 at 7:04 PM said...

alia, xtau camne nak btau sbb x letak link..
tp saya dah post Guide kat SINI..
cube try..



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