01 April 2010


What is aegyo? Aegyo means "Cuteness".
You cannot BE aegyo, but you can HAVE aegyo.

Was watching this part of Invincible Youth EP16 when Sunny (SNSD) shows her "Aegyo That Calls for a Punch". Argh~ Really anime-like with all those bling bling and sound effects. Basically, a cuteness that you want to punch her!

Haha suddenly I miss my sisters' aegyo especially the youngest. Whenever she wants something, she starts to make her cute face. An aegyo that you cant resist but wanting to slap her in the face! Called my mom yesterday and heard her voice from the back yelling. Cant wait to see her this Summer holiday. It's 2010 so she should be around 5 year old? Still remember last time I spent my summer holiday oversea in Malaysia, she was always with me. Cant be apart even for a second. A little bit annoying but I starts to miss that.

But as bad as other people can be, I dont think anyone can forget her own sister's name! What was it again? Insyirah? Nope. That was the second sister. Aqilah? Zayanah? It's between those two. Not sure. Argh I'll ask my first sister later.

The issue here is, I cannot make up my mind yet.
If you only got ONE month holiday, and you can only choose between July or September to be your holiday, which one you'll choose?

July; Is it school's holiday? Dunno. More time to spend around the city and friends but I'll miss my Raya Puasa! Maybe even my Ramadhan! Wawawa~

September; Surely I'll stuck in my village for the whole 2 weeks, a week before and a week after Raya Puasa. No internet, no transport, only trees, mosquito and tungau. Less time to enjoy my holidays with friends, damn.

Which one should I choose? Confused confused confused. 8-}

p/s: The ONLY solution is; Make your holiday longer so start studying and stop blogging!

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7 penghinaan diterima:

amany on April 2, 2010 at 9:26 AM said...

vote utk July, haha.

tak pun, balik je la dedua bulan tuh, habis cerita.

nama 'awek' pon lupe ke? =.="

[MH] on April 2, 2010 at 9:26 AM said...

vote utk july jugaaa

jom study jom study jommm!

Anonymous said...

aku harap hafiz adam x tersilap...

PINCH yerr, bukan PUNCH...

PUNCH tu TUMBUK!..dush!!

HafizAdam on April 2, 2010 at 10:48 AM said...

kak Amany:
duit kak? cane nk balik dedua bulan. isk3

Fathiyyah Ibrahim:
Julai? Wah kantoi mase tu tarikh kawen kamu. Haha

Zaman bile Pinch? Sekarang zaman Punch je terus sampai mati. XD

amany on April 2, 2010 at 10:59 AM said...

adik Apis, hensemnya soalan kamu, isk3.

balik July la, mungkin ada gath Mod. eh lupa, kamu bukan Mod dah, tak yah balik la ek, ahaha~

pssttt, hai~! haha.

anor said...

kahkahkahkah.. that aegyo by sunny mmg patut kne PUNCH.. x tahan gelak smpai sakit mulut.. adehhss..

july is not school holiday lah.. june and aug are.. hehe.. tpi klau dh smpai dh lupa nama adik tu, balik la cepat.. ntah2 they also hv forgotten ur name! wakaka..

HafiZatul Azlan on April 12, 2010 at 6:20 PM said...

zayanah lo....
aqilah yg ke2 bongsu...huhuhuhu



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