28 April 2008

Are Female Geniuser Than Male?

Again, I intend to write in English although I said before in my last post that I didnt like it. Well maybe I feel my English is fading away and away. I dont want to be scolded again by Tcer Salmi lol. So it's time to practice.

Firstly, zifaH asked me if I changed the template of my blog. I said yes, and then he told me he thinks he was surfing the wrong blog the other day. It is as if an advertising blog with the purpose of online selling, like eBay or something. Haha lol. I am doing ads but not selling - all the downloads here are free, so please click the ads if you see one.

Last night I read the penghinaan for PErAnGai BdK PoMPuaN yG PEliK2 JuGaK....haihh and there is a penghinaan from a user named epy_gurl. Well, she (I guess she because of the 'gurl') said that girls are more in the university than boys.

She said:
haloo..tapi skrag ni girl plg ramai kat uniersity compared ngan boys even dorang ni slalu ckp ooooo n blur bla kena tya..ada btol??

Very sarcastic one ehh.

There is a lot of discussion regarding this matter nowadays, in Forums, Newspapers - I think I read it somewhere in Utusan Meloya or Berita Hairan, Blogs - I am one of them haha, Coffee Shop, and Muhadarah, even in 'ketupat-making' group they also discussing this thing.

I'm not saying that female is stupid or male is not clever but, I think we need to see this in a 'songsang' way. Before that, I encourage all those people out there who had this kind of stupid thinking to study maths and language more.

In terms of meaning, size, whether many or little was based on relatively, not abstract. LE100 is many, LE1 is little. Right? But if I say LE1 and LE0.50, which one is many, and which one is little? So, thats prove that "girl plg ramai kat university compared ngan boys" thing.

So I'll take you to the next step, compare girls and boys as a whole, which one is many, which one is little? Still the male. Right? Education is subjected to all human fairly, so if you say, "Kenapa pulak boys ramai dari pompuan kat pusat serenti?", so you have to look at the crime aspects - boys will overcome the girls.

If you want to say that female is geniuser than male, so please dont use this stupid statement. If you want to know which one is geniuser, then give them both a 500 pages book, tell them to memorize it, then come after one day to tasmi'. Haha.

But I didnt say that female is stupid. Both are equal - except for the attitude part. Boys who study last minute can get the same or a little bit lower marks as the girls who study from the beginning of the year without eating.

So what if they study from the beginning? Just a point to think lol. This question is for me actually, because I am always benkyou-ing last minute - PESELAM die-hard-fan. Lol.

Hey gurls, dont be too upset with this post. It's just a 'karutan'. But if you are too upset, it cant be helped except to hurt you all more. Haha twisted evil. That's the way HafizAdam works.

According to Answers.com, GENIUS means:
    1. Extraordinary intellectual and creative power.
    2. A person of extraordinary intellect and talent: “One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius (Simone de Beauvoir).
    3. A person who has an exceptionally high intelligence quotient, typically above 140.
    1. A strong natural talent, aptitude, or inclination: has a genius for choosing the right words.
    2. One who has such a talent or inclination: a genius at diplomacy.
  1. The prevailing spirit or distinctive character, as of a place, a person, or an era: the genius of Elizabethan England.
  2. pl. ge·ni·i ('nē-ī'). Roman Mythology. A tutelary deity or guardian spirit of a person or place.
  3. A person who has great influence over another.
  4. A jinni in Muslim mythology.

Ok lastly, according to the GENIUS' definition, we can say that these belia harapan bangsa are genius - Adi Putra, Sufiah Yusuf, Noramalina Che Bakri(bukan rozik yea), Mawi and Noor Amira(sorry didnt found the pix). Daripada public2 figure tersebut dapat saya simpulkan bahawa daripada 5 manusia, hanya 2 yang 'menjadi' - sorang laki, sorang pompuan.


Hanya genius di jalan Allah akan kekal genius.

16 penghinaan diterima:

PEMENANG on April 28, 2008 at 7:31 PM said...

Adakah hafziadam lebih genius dari rem ? hakhak just kidding tapi keji r denmak idea ko buat dalam BI aku pon terinfluenced

Anonymous said...

girls are geniuser than boys??
till now there's no evidence that one gender is more intelligent n genius than another

if im not mistaken, there is research that indicates that girls are better at math and languages compared 2 boys when they're in "zmn knk2"(girls gud in languages meh??haha im not in dat grup~) however, there is additional research indicates dat dz is due to h0rmones(i think medic students can explain it very well.im engineerg student lor~) girls mature faster than boys - emotionally, mentally, physically - n dz allowing them 2 learn faster earlier in life (is it rite??) & dat doubtless has an impact on school performance.

i think dat dz ques is opinion-based. sometimes,it's depends on what criteria u r basing this on. boys tend to be better at problem solving and hv a gd sense of direction, while girls tend 2 b better at remembering(huh another girl's criteria not in me).so there is no "geniuser" (i couldn't find dz term in dictionary~)

so da conclusion is both genders are equally smart.class dismissed!!

~but history proven, majority of scientists n intellectuals are male.is there any female version of Ibn Sina?? Al-Khawarizmi?? Albert Einstein?? hmmm..

Anonymous said...

wat kaind of kuestion is that hoh pemenang?

kompom la hafiz adam is much genius than me..sonok?

btw,i don't blame u for that 'jerk' post actually..but can u answer me a question..from that 5 public figures,u said that only two are 'menjadi'..sape weyh?

[aaaa tgk,dah rojak bi aku..ampon miss lini!]

HafizAdam on April 28, 2008 at 8:08 PM said...

adi putra and noor amira..
adi putra maybe well-known but noor amira 'kureng sikit'

she won hafazan at the age of 10 while the other contestants averaging about 15.

mcm biase, ble kite glamer bab agama, konpem xde liputan. tgk adiputra suda. ayah dye kan pnyokong PKR dan anwar. hahaha politikus play.

As on April 28, 2008 at 8:30 PM said...

patutlah, penat je, rupenya telah disable penghinaan untuk entry ini siang tadi. Isk3, patik berdukacita lah macam ni tuanku.

By the way, on each issues, yang penting, jangan cepat melatah, ye dak..? Tapi beselah pompuan emo sket, hehe. Tapi bukan sume. Laki lak bese cool jek, tapi yelah bukan sume gak.

SO kesimpulannye, tak semestinya something tuh semua orang on certain population will have it. It is all actaully equally distributed, kalo pasan lah. Huu..

worait, till then

faisazli on April 29, 2008 at 5:07 PM said...

oit.. dato' husaini marah ko letak gambo lucah.. bongok tul

c's on April 30, 2008 at 8:39 AM said...


amoi, apakah semua nih.. hehe.. selepas itu.. anda telah di tag.. sila datang blog dan rujuk

(hah, dpt gak bls dndam)

[MH] on April 30, 2008 at 2:15 PM said...

sudah balas tag

victoire on April 30, 2008 at 2:50 PM said...

kalu batch SPM 2005 SMKATJ maybe btol.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

mawi termasuk dlm list?? kalau mcmtu semua org malaysia la genius.

HafizAdam on May 5, 2008 at 4:11 PM said...

mawi dipilih atas definisi ini:
The prevailing spirit or distinctive character, as of a place, a person, or an era: the genius of Elizabethan England.

jgn mnyempitkan mkna perkataan..
lgpun mawi tuh skadar cth..


Anonymous said...

suka2 dia jek..cet....wat ever..xkira la sape lebih bijak sape lebih ramai.yg penting 2,2 guna kan kebijaksanaan dan kepandaian tu pada jalan yang betul..

(amalina rozik tak lah sebijak amalina cik bakri..) proud to be myself huh!!

Anonymous said...

btw,nape ko ckp amalina cik bakri x menjadi ha?bkn die best student spm ke?

anisafifah on May 7, 2008 at 4:42 PM said...

salam...nape blog ni best semasam je..

HafizAdam on May 7, 2008 at 8:04 PM said...

Anak Rozik:
jgn le emo..haha pompuan2, sikit nk emo..

cari sendiri sbb nye..

best semasam?
loghat apekah itu?
peghok eyh?

Anonymous said...

tak sumer pompuan emo... just take note that k,..

firstly, there r no such statement that one gender r geniuser than other.. Both r equal.. Based on individual fields n talent..

Let say, a docter looks sucks when doing some engineer works.. Am i right? or while doing tailor works.. agree?

so, such dumbs statement r useless.. About comparing the genius level.. Allah made us equal, with strength n weekness, my weekness may be ur strength, for some part.. Thats why we r completing each other

then, bout the statement, 'budak lelaki study last minit, leh skor.. Budak pompuan hempas pulas dr awal. Kalo budak lelaki start study dr awal, camna?' haha.. thats i called strength n weakness.. for boys, their strength is, easy to catch up n their weakness r lazy (last minits, kan?), but for girls, their strength r hardworking, maybe (strive from the beginning) but their weakness r quite hard to catch up.. lol

Allah made us equal so, no statement.. kalaulah...

nak ban ana? hahaha... jgn mare, hafizadam..



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