26 April 2008

What Happened?

At first my blog looks so cool with this newly-installed-template but then I realized all the posts were in a mess. After some more changes - after searching, googling and yahooing - for almost 4 hours, this is the result.

So, this post is a test post for some new features I added with this template.

I chose this template because it looks so cool (especially when you feel soo HOT in summer) and saving your loading time. Although it didnt have a header-banner, **frust**. Ahh, maybe I'll kerobek the CSS next time and add it later.

Then I got a cool Read More link (lol I found this too late) so again, I am saving my frontpage loading time but it need a lot of work to change the older posts so just pretend it wasnt there lol. I think the most annoying one about this feature is - it's still there although you have clicked it. Again, just pretend you didnt see it.

Then I found another cool tag - blockquote. I know this before but but I didnt know that it will give me something like this:

I am a human and you are a pig

Haha just joking. Pig is very popular these days.

Can I make a quote like this?

Cool heh. But still, the loading time was so much slow. Maybe because I put too much widgets. Oggix shoutbox is a lot more 'heavier' than cBox. But then, I'll just keep it. Serves you right for having a slow internet connection. Haha.

this one for code tag:

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